Escape Room Melbourne Goes International

After hitting No 1 Attraction on, Escape Room Melbourne has gone mobile and international! With Sound Design and Audio clues by Joshua Cowie, Escapade NZ has opened in Auckland, as well as touring Australia



Joshua Cowie is a Melbourne based composer, audio producer, typesetter and educator.

With the theory of music running through his veins, he is able to combine his extensive knowledge and experience to produce music in any style.  Composing to a brief, creating a ‘sound-a-like’ or answering the question “I don’t know what I want!” Joshua will deliver a piece of music that perfectly sets the tone you require.

For the last few years he’s been responsible for Arts Centre Melbourne’s recording studio output, including music and/or audio production for Television and Radio Commercials, Corporate Films, Gallery Media and various sections of their Online Learning Space.

Joshua’s eye (and ear) for detail has earned him the reputation as one of Australia’s leading Sibelius Typesetters. He has freelanced for most Australian music publishing companies and is just as comfortable with opera scores for Orchestra Victoria, 20th Century piano for AMPD or a Choral Finale for 300 singers.

Take a look at his samples and let him get composing for you.